McKeen v. Healthsouth Corp.

Insurance Company

Arch Insurance Company

Date Decided

July 11, 2019

Panel Members

Elizabeth Elwin

Glen Goodnough

Sue Jerome


Compensability Mental Stress Injury Medical Evidence Compensability Medical Evidence Mental Stress Injury


Heart attack work-related stress

File Size

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Summary from the Troubh Heisler Attorneys

AD affirmed Judge Stovall’s decision adopting Dr. Teufel’s §312 IME opinion that Ms. McKeen’s heart attack at work was causally related to her stressful nursing job. Although HealthSouth’s §207 examiner Dr. Wiseman opined otherwise, and Dr. Teufel admitted the precise cause was “unknowable,” his opinion that work causation was “more likely than not” adequately supported the award of benefits.

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