Oromo v. Aramark Facility Services

Insurance Company

Sedgwick Claims Management Services

Date Decided

March 25, 2015

Panel Members

Elizabeth Elwin

Sue Jerome

Mike Stovall


Board IME


IME§312 Wrist Shoulder Translator

File Size

107 KB


Summary from the Troubh Heisler Attorneys

The employee received adequate translation services during medical exams and hearings, and the hearing officer’s findings of time-limited incapacity were supported by a §312 IME.

Oromo performed cleaning services for Aramark and injured his right wrist and left shoulder in 2011. In 2014, H.O. Collier granted his petitions and awarded him 100% partial incapacity benefits for only 3 months in 2011, adopting the findings of Dr. Donovan’s IME. Oromo appealed claiming, that as a Sudanese Arabic speaker, he lacked proper translation help at his appointments and at the hearing.

The panel affirmed the decision, finding that Oromo’s brother translated for him at his appointments, and that a qualified interpreter assisted at hearing. The panel found that he did not object to the interpreter at the time of the hearing, waiving that challenge in the absence of obvious error affecting the employee’s substantial rights, not present here.

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