Morneault v. Katahdin Paper

Insurance Company

Sedgwick Claims Management Services

Date Decided

July 30, 2014

Panel Members

Elizabeth Elwin

Evelyn Knopf

Tom Pelletier


Findings of Fact Findings of Fact Partial Incapacity


Partial Incapacity Earning Capacity Work Search Findings of Fact

File Size

172 KB


Summary from the Troubh Heisler Attorneys

The panel affirmed the hearing officer’s decision awarding a fixed rate of partial incapacity benefits, ruling that there was competent evidence in the record to support the finding that Morneault was able to earn $337 per week, and that the hearing officer had made adequate findings of fact to permit appellate review. Morneault had performed no work search and introduced no other evidence regarding the availability of work, and the hearing officer properly considered a number of factors in determining his post-injury earning capacity.

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